SE7EN’s One-Year Anniversary!

On Tuesday night, SE7EN celebrated its one-year anniversary. As a ministry that places primacy on educating, equipping, and empowering youth while sharing the gospel of Christ with the lost, we were overjoyed to reflect on our past successes and look forward to doing more work for God’s kingdom in the year to come. While the celebration of our one-year anniversary was special in and of itself, the fact that our senior pastor and visionary Bishop Eddie L. Long delivered the word made the night even more significant for everyone. In reflecting critically on the message he shared with us, it seems that SE7EN leaders and members must step up to the task of making God their first priority and serving Him fully.

Although Bishop Long could’ve picked any biblical text to explain the importance of consistently choosing and serving God, he chose a passage that really resonates within many people: I Kings 18:21. There, the prophet Elijah asks the people an important question: How long will you falter between two opinions? After asking this question, Elijah urges the people to decide whether the Lord or Ba’al is really God, and thus serve one or the other. In connecting this passage to our personal lives, Bishop Long discussed the fact that God now requires that we make up our minds to serve Him fully. When we say yes to this call and begin following Him fully, we’ll recognize that what God requires is order and a teachable spirit. When these things are in place, He will show up and we will know it.

In short, God’s looking for a remnant people that will say yes to His will and allow Him to live through us in a manner similar to the principle outlined in Galatians 2:20. There, Paul states that in being crucified with Christ, Christ now lives through him. It is this type of selfless and completely consecrated life that we must live if we are to please God and accomplish the purposes that He has for us.


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