John 14:6: A Brief Note On Secular And Spiritual Realities

This past Tuesday, Pastor Anthony Guase preached on the importance of John 14:6. The passage reads: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Although complex, the passage can be simplified by stating that Jesus is the medium through which all individuals gain access to life. Additionally, he is the source through which all truth and life spring. When one considers everything that this scripture conveys, the ultimate meaning is clear: Jesus is and should be the spiritual center of a believer’s life as she or he seeks an intimate and authentic relationship with the living God.

In light of the spiritual edicts outlined in John 14:6, one wonders why so many believers make secular ideologies integral to the way they lead their lives. Oftentimes, individuals professing Christ as Lord and Savior will immerse themselves in elements of pop culture that stand in direct opposition to the principles and personhood of Christ. For example, many Jesus followers still listen to the music of pop singer Britney Spears despite the fact that much of her lyrical content and music video images are hypersexual and eerily similar to pornography. Thus although Spears is talented and has made many contributions to the world, her music often promotes ways of being and knowing that are contrary to the doctrine of Christ. This fact becomes plain when one considers scriptures like Ephesians 5:3, which say that there should not be a hint of sexual immorality amongst those professing Christ. Yet many believers buy her CDs and flock to her concerts to express unabashed adoration of the work she has produced. This fact is both perplexing and problematic.

As individuals who pay attention to the music industry know, Britney Spears’s music is just one example of ostensibly spiritual people making secular worldviews a central aspect of their existence. And despite the pervasive nature of lyrics rife with immoral messages, believers cannot argue that the seemingly ubiquitous nature of such music makes listening to it an unavoidable endeavor. Clearly, there are more reputable music artists that a God-seeking believer could listen to. Thus the fact that music with depraved lyrical content is being pursued raises questions. Specifically, why is the depraved music being listened to at all? Although there are several possible answers, one might be that many believers are not willing to make the lifestyle change that is necessary to rid the self of prurient music lyrics. Or, it could be that the depraved lyrics and images we expose ourselves to are still appealing to our lower nature because we have not-as Paul discusses in Galatians 5:24-crucified our flesh.

As made evident by John 14:6, it is Jesus-not musical artists whose lyrics promote promiscuity and lasciviousness-who is the way, the truth, and the life. Irrespective of the reasons why we as believers allow secular principles to displace Jesus as the center of our lives, these depraved influences must be eliminated from our diets if we want the truths of John 14:6 to be realized in our lives.


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